Sunday, January 1, 2017

How Can the Medical Field Be This Diabolical?

I don't know of many people who really like going to the doctor. Now and then you might find a nice doctor who can make the whole experience less miserable, but that's about the most you can expect.  Occasionally, you have to buck up and go to a doctor no matter what.

They will poke and prod you whether you feel sick or not.  Then they tell you they will send you the results, but you don't know when that will actually happen. What comes next is the waiting.  At first, you are glad to not hear anything because it must mean that nothing is wrong. You're waiting for the results to come in the mail.  

Then, your day can be going pretty well until you get a phone call from the doctor. You are sure you're going to die now! That's the time they call you and say they would like you to come in for a re-test.  What they should say, is "We would like you to come in for some more torture so we repeat this all over again!"  It's really bad when they call you to say they want to go over your results and to please make an appointment as soon as possible.  You're certain that you're already dead!  

Eventually you go to the doctor to get the test results.  You've restored the blood that you had sucked out of you a long time ago, but now it's as if your very own blood gets to talk smack to you.  These people!  What measures they will go to just to inform you that you are sub-par. 

In this world where the word positive is overused, we still expect it to be something that will make things better.  With one exception.  That exception is, you guessed it...the medical field.  This is where it gets really diabolical!  Put it in reverse, now!  Where else do you not want to hear the word positive? Can't they come up with a better word than positive when they diagnose you with a disease you would never want or perhaps have never even heard of?  I want to know! 

"Let's turn that smile upside down!" is something you just don't hear anywhere else!  Who ever thought accentuating the negative was a good thing?  Medical results seem to operate that way.   So, when it comes to your experiences with the medical field, please understand when I wish you all the negativity that's available.  Celebrate the negative.  Be happy!

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